Frequently asked questions.

Round trips from 32 hours to 119 daysCabin and all meals on board included

Helping on board is not applied to the ships we offer.

No animal is allowed on board.

Cargo vessels are dependent on weather conditions, tides and the unloading and loading of cargo. This requires some flexibility from the passengers.

The deviation insurance is compulsory by the shipping company and covers the costs if the ship has to deviate from its original course because a passenger has to be brought to the nearest port, or a helicopter has to pick up a passenger from the ship. This insurance is already included in the total amount of the trip.

You will receive the embarkation information one day before departure via CptnZeppos or you can contact the local shipping agent.Please note that the originally specified departure date may change.

Usually you can take pictures or film on the ship. To ensure that you do not violate any regulations, it is best to inform the captain or officer on duty first. On board, on some sections of the route and terminals there may be a ban on taking photographs and filming.

On most ships it is possible to take a (folding) bicycle on board if this has been agreed in advance. Bringing a (folding) bike is free of charge and can be very useful to bridge the distance between the port and the city more quickly. Normally bicycles are kept on deck and secured. Neither the shipping company nor CptnZeppos Bvba accepts liability for any damage to your bicycle, so if you take a bicycle with you it is on your own responsibility.

Your complete travel documents: YOU MUST BRING THIS
  • Valid travel pass for up to 6 months after return for all journeys, including within Europe (mandatory).
  • Travel insurance (periods 15 days before departure until 15 days after arrival) Request an English certificate.
  • Possible vaccination certificate, visa, plane tickets for onward or return journey.
  • If you are taking medication, make sure you have enough stock for the trip and a few extra days.
  • On deck it is best to wear shoes with anti-slip soles (or sports shoes). We also recommend that you wear flip-flops in your cabin.
  • For city visits, make sure you have the right currency in small denominations so you can pay for a taxi or bus to the city. Tip: Make sure that you can board again at the agreed time.
  • Clothing: Windproof jacket, cap and/or hat, easy clothing (can be washed on board)...
  • Camera, smartphone, camera, books, binoculars, laptop with downloads of films/music/podcasts, sunglasses, sunscreen, writing utensils, shoes with non-slip soles, swimsuit/ swim pants, chargers for smartphone and laptop, small flashlight....

Steps may have to be taken to get to the cabin. Some cabins are equipped with bunk beds. A reasonable physical condition is therefore required.



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