A yellow fever vaccination is obligatory, an intolerance certificate against vaccinations cannot be accepted.

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Antwerp - Caribbean - Central America HSR_3_03

Antwerp – Caribbean – Central America


Discover with this special freighter voyage the variety of landscapes of the Caribbean and Central America. Enjoy white sand beaches, the unique underwater world and tropical rain forests.

Antwerpen - Zuid Afrika

Antwerp – Namibia – South Africa

6 982,00

This freighter voyage takes you on multi purpose ships from Antwerp to the magnificent South Africa. Besides containers the ships transport bulk material, heavy cargo and general cargo. This may cause irregular layovers and delays regarding the sailing date. Further ports of call may be added with short notice. You can neither embark nor disembark in one of these additional ports. Currently the shipping line offers 1 – 2 sailings per month and section. You will make the reservation for a certain month without precise sailing date. Vehicles can be shipped upon request.

Antwerp – Vietnam


This freighter voyage takes you from Antwerp to “the Middle Kingdom”. Let the metropolises, nature and culture of the biggest and impressive continent inspire you.

Antwerpen – Benin – Nigeria – Ghana

2 805,00

This special freighter voyage takes you straight from the wonderful Antwerp seaport to the impressive westcoast of Africa, where you can discover the megacity Lagos and beautiful beaches in Ghana.

Antwerpen – Brazil – Uruguay – Senegal

3 036,00

On this freighter voyage large car carriers of the shipping line are sailing between North Europe and South America. You may book this voyage as a roundtrip or in sections to South America. Schedule alterations and delays are very likely. The quality and comfort on these vessels are not comparable to conventional container vessels. Access to the bridge and to the engine room is only possible at the port. Disembarkation fee in Antwerp is 75,- € per person in double cabin and 150,- € in single cabin.

France – China – South Korea


This impressive freither voyage will lead you from the Mediterranean to far away cities in Asia. One highligt of this journey is the voyage through the Suez Canal. Be impressed by cities like Singapore, Port Kelang and Shanghai.

Hamburg – Australia

9 880,00

Start your freighter voyage in the Hamburg, the metropolis on the Elbe River and continue your voyage via the Suez Canal to ports in Réunion, Australia or Singapore. Get enchanted by one of the last paradises on earth and discover the Great Barrier Reef as well as the cultural stronghold of Melbourne. (Ports of India refuse passengers).

Singapore – Panama – Singapore


Enjoy your freighter voyage aboard a modern ship from the megacity Singapore via Hong Kong to different destinations in China, through Panama Canal and the Caribbean. Be enchanted by the third largest island of the Greater Antilles Jamaica and enjoy the pulsating life in Kingston.

Singapore – South Africa – Congo – Angola

8 245,00

This extraordinary freighter voyage combines Asia and Africa. You have the opportunity to visit megacities like Singapore, Shanghai and Cape Town. Of course you may book sections only. For instance you have the choice to explore the west coast of Africa from / to Cape Town or travel to different Asian ports in China, South Korea and Malaysia from / to Singapore.