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Antwerp - Caribbean - Central America HSR_3_03

Antwerp – Caribbean – Central America


Discover with this special freighter voyage the variety of landscapes of the Caribbean and Central America. Enjoy white sand beaches, the unique underwater world and tropical rain forests.

Hamburg - Caribbean & Central America

Antwerp – New York


Impressive freighter voyage from Antwerp to New York and further ports at the East Coast of the USA! Enjoy the silence and combination of clouds and waves before you are welcomed in metropolises with their skyscrapers.

Antwerp – Vietnam


This freighter voyage takes you from Antwerp to “the Middle Kingdom”. Let the metropolises, nature and culture of the biggest and impressive continent inspire you.

Asia – USA

11 945,00

This extraordinary journey takes you from Hong Kong to various ports in Asia. You continue your trip through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean and the strait of Gibraltar via the Atlantic to Halifax in Canada and Charleston at the east coast of the USA. You continue your voyage via Asia and the Pacific Ocean to the west coast of the USA. Finally you will reach your starting point Hongkong after 119 days.

France – China – South Korea


This impressive freither voyage will lead you from the Mediterranean to far away cities in Asia. One highligt of this journey is the voyage through the Suez Canal. Be impressed by cities like Singapore, Port Kelang and Shanghai.

Hong Kong – Los Angeles – Hong Kong

5 505,00

With a modern French container vessel from Hong Kong via Asia to the US West Coast. Highlight on this voyage is definitely passing the Golden Gate Bridge on your way to Oakland!

Singapore – Panama – Singapore


Enjoy your freighter voyage aboard a modern ship from the megacity Singapore via Hong Kong to different destinations in China, through Panama Canal and the Caribbean. Be enchanted by the third largest island of the Greater Antilles Jamaica and enjoy the pulsating life in Kingston.