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Amsterdam - Finland - Spain

Amsterdam – Finland – Spain

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A very varied journey offers this Ro/Ro container vessel of a german shipping company. From there you first travel to the Finnish ports of Rauma and Kotka. The special thing about this trip is the change to port at the Iberian Coast. Via Skagen you can enjoy the Baltic and North Sea, the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, before the ship starts the Spanish ports of Santander and El Ferrol. Freight cruises to the Iberian island in the regions of Galicia and Cantabria are very rarely available. This trip might be also interesting with a short stay at the nice town Amsterdam before or after the journey. This trip offers extraordinary many facets – territorial rides, the Kiel Canal, the Finnish archipelago, free sea routes and interesting harbors. The lay time is about 10-18 hours.

World Journey from New York

Antwerp – Canada – USA


Magic freighter voyage from Antwerp over the Atlantic Ocean to Halifax-Canada or New York. You can also start your adventure in New York or Halifax and come (back) to Antwerp or book starting in a roundtrip for 35 days on the Ocean, starting in Antwerp.

Antwerp - Caribbean - Central America HSR_3_03

Antwerp – Caribbean – Central America


Discover with this special freighter voyage the variety of landscapes of the Caribbean and Central America. Enjoy white sand beaches, the unique underwater world and tropical rain forests.

Hamburg - China

Antwerp – Cyprus – Israel

3 695,00

Start your freighter voyage in Antwerp to Le Havre, the city with the largest townhall square in Europe. Enjoy the Isle of Aphrodite Cyprus and continue your voyage to Israel. Ports of Ashdod and Haifa, the city at the Cape of the Carmel mountains, will welcome you with special atmosphere.

Antwerp – Finland


Finland: That means large woods, lakes and nature.There are not much freighters in the North European trade that take up to 8 passengers in 4 cabins and sailing on fixed days! That means, this trip is not just for single persons or pairs, but also good to calculate and book for small groups.

Antwerp – Ireland


Modern vessel of a German shipping company. This trip is perfect for beginners who have never travelled on a cargo ship before. Many passengers told us about the friendly atmosphere on board . Usually the ship will call the ports of Dublin and Cork, but ports may be cancelled or additional ports may be called.

Antwerp - South Africa

Antwerp – Italy – Greece – Turkey – Egypt

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On this interesting freighter voyage weekly departures on large Car-Carriers combine many ports in Northern Europe with ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It is possible to take your own vehicle on board. Schedule alterations possible, standard not as comfortable as on board of conventional container vessels. Access to the bridge and to the engine room is only possible at the port.

Antwerp - Lithuania - Finland

Antwerp – Lithuania – Finland

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Fantastic trip with a big feeder vessel from Antwerp to ports in the Baltic States, mainly Rauma. This trip is ideal for travelers who like to be at Sea and relax. There are trading two sistervessels on this route. Subject to change without notice.

Antwerpen - Zuid Afrika

Antwerp – Namibia – South Africa

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This freighter voyage takes you on multi purpose ships from Antwerp to the magnificent South Africa. Besides containers the ships transport bulk material, heavy cargo and general cargo. This may cause irregular layovers and delays regarding the sailing date. Further ports of call may be added with short notice. You can neither embark nor disembark in one of these additional ports. Currently the shipping line offers 1 – 2 sailings per month and section. You will make the reservation for a certain month without precise sailing date. Vehicles can be shipped upon request.

Hamburg - Caribbean & Central America

Antwerp – New York


Impressive freighter voyage from Antwerp to New York and further ports at the East Coast of the USA! Enjoy the silence and combination of clouds and waves before you are welcomed in metropolises with their skyscrapers.

Antwerp - Portugal - Spain - Italy - Turkey

Antwerp – Portugal – Italy – Turkey

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Nice and interesting round trip voyage into the Mediterranean Sea with large car carriers. Schedule alterations possible, standard not so comfortable as on board conventional container vessels. On short time notice additional Middle East ports could be called!

Antwerp – USA

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Travel onboard a modern container vessel from Antwerp to the ports of Chester or Wilmington. You will be fascinated by the town of Wilmington located at the Delaware River and its Art Museumm and the Forth Christina. Chester has an amazing history and is located directly at James River.

Antwerp – Vietnam


This freighter voyage takes you from Antwerp to “the Middle Kingdom”. Let the metropolises, nature and culture of the biggest and impressive continent inspire you.

Antwerpen – Benin – Nigeria – Ghana

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This special freighter voyage takes you straight from the wonderful Antwerp seaport to the impressive westcoast of Africa, where you can discover the megacity Lagos and beautiful beaches in Ghana.

Antwerpen – Brazil – Uruguay – Senegal

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On this freighter voyage large car carriers of the shipping line are sailing between North Europe and South America. You may book this voyage as a roundtrip or in sections to South America. Schedule alterations and delays are very likely. The quality and comfort on these vessels are not comparable to conventional container vessels. Access to the bridge and to the engine room is only possible at the port. Disembarkation fee in Antwerp is 75,- € per person in double cabin and 150,- € in single cabin.

France – China – South Korea


This impressive freither voyage will lead you from the Mediterranean to far away cities in Asia. One highligt of this journey is the voyage through the Suez Canal. Be impressed by cities like Singapore, Port Kelang and Shanghai.