General tems and conditions.


ARTICLE 1 - APPLICATION The present general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by CptnZeppos BVBA, with registered office at 2018 Antwerp, Haantjeslei 211 bus 2 and with company number 0722.659.995 (hereinafter: "CptnZeppos"). CptnZeppos is a member of the Association of Flemish Travel Agencies and has insurance covering insolvency, professional liability and calamities. Its activities consist of offering tourist sea voyages on board cargo ships. CptnZeppos merely acts as an intermediary for the organisation and handling of the booking. The sea voyages on board cargo ships are not package tours but are regarded as transport. If any provision of these general terms and conditions should be wholly or partially null and void, the validity of the other provisions of these general terms and conditions shall not be affected thereby.If these general terms and conditions refer to "Passenger" and "Shipping Company", reference is made to the following definitions:- Passenger: The persons (tourists) who call upon the services of CptnZeppos for the organisation and handling of a sea voyage on board cargo ships ;- Shipping company: The company under which the cargo ships operate ;- CptnZeppos: The organisation which is solely responsible for reserving and booking a sea voyage for the Passenger with the Shipping Company.

ARTICLE 2 - REGISTRATION, BOOKING AND CANCELLATION 2.1. The Passenger must first register with CptnZeppos. After this, CptnZeppos will send the required documents (e.g. booking form, medical sheets ...) for signature. The registration and signing of these documents by the Passenger constitutes acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions and the General and Special Terms and Conditions of the Shipping Company.2.2. The reservation only concerns the preparation of the sea voyage on board the Company. The Passenger must therefore accept the general and special conditions of the shipping company in question before the booking can be completed. CptnZeppos has at all times the right to refuse Passengers for safety and/or health reasons. The booking is only final after receipt of the booking confirmation. Even after the booking confirmation, the Shipping Company may still cancel the booking for health and safety reasons. CptnZeppos can never be held liable for this.2.3. Once on board, the Passenger must respect the rules and customs of the Shipping Company. The Passenger is responsible for the organisation of any disembarkation if the cargo ship moors.2.4. The Passenger has the right to cancel or modify the booking in writing up to 2 months prior to departure. CptnZeppos has the right to charge an administration fee of 150,00 €. If the Passenger cancels the trip less than 2 months prior to departure, CptnZeppos has the right to withhold the full price of the trip. In accordance with its general and special terms and conditions, the Shipping Company has the right to cancel the trip at any time.

ARTICLE 3 - PAYMENT OF INVOICES 3.1. The price is indicated on the offer and confirmed on the booking confirmation. CptnZeppos and the Shipping Company have the right at all times after the booking confirmation to charge additional costs resulting from an increase in transport costs (such as port dues). These may be charged during the voyage and must be paid immediately.3.2. Invoices are payable no later than 8 days after dispatch of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed.3.3. Any protest on invoices must be made known to CptnZeppos within eight days in writing, stating the reasons and by registered mail, failing which the invoice is presumed to have been accepted by the Passenger. No complaint shall entitle the Passenger to suspend or postpone payment in whole or in part. Any form of discount or price reduction granted to the Passenger by CptnZeppos will only be valid if it is expressly confirmed in writing by CptnZeppos by means of a credit note.3.4. Payments by the Passenger are always considered to be payments of the oldest unpaid invoice, even if at the time of payment by the Passenger reference is made to a more recent invoice.3.5. In the event of late payment, interest on arrears shall be payable, ipso jure and without the need to send a reminder, at the rate of 10% per annum, plus a fixed compensation of 10% (this compensation cannot be less than €150.00) on the total invoice amount and €10.00 per registered mail.3.6. The parties agree that all their mutual claims shall be immediately compensated as from the occurrence of the respective claims, including those which are not yet certain, due or payable and including all claims which depend on a future condition, including all damages due for whatever reason (including damages, expenses or expenses) in accordance with the law of 15 December 2004 on financial guarantees.

ARTICLE 4 - LIABILITY AND COMPENSATION 4.1. Subject to the application of laws of mandatory law or public order, the Passenger may not claim damages from CptnZeppos on any ground whatsoever, in particular for errors (including gross errors) of a pre-contractual, contractual or criminal nature.4.2. CptnZeppos only acts as an intermediary for the booking of the sea voyage. CptnZeppos can therefore never incur any liability as a result of a faulty transport service or incidents during the sea voyage.4.3. The Passenger accepts that the priority of the cargo ship does not concern the Passenger, but the cargo she is carrying. The Shipping Company therefore has the right at all times to make changes to the route in function of the cargo such as, for example, cancelling port stops. In addition, the Passenger acknowledges that the departure times indicated are only guide hours and can always change according to the circumstances of the cargo vessel. CptnZeppos cannot be held liable for late departure or late arrival.4.4. The Passenger must always be on board in good time. CptnZeppos cannot be held liable for financial costs (such as repatriation of Passengers and luggage) incurred by the Passenger if the Passenger is not on board on time. The ships of the Shipping Company have a very punctual schedule so that a Passenger will never and can never be waited for.4.5. CptnZeppos will never incur any liability if it is unable to meet its obligations due to force majeure. As long as the force majeure lasts, any obligations of CptnZeppos are suspended.4.6. The liability of CptnZeppos is in any case limited to the amount of the invoice.

ARTICLE 5 - INSURANCE The Passenger is obliged to take out travel assistance insurance and repatriation insurance.

ARTICLE 6 - PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA If personal data are processed, they shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016 ('GDPR'). CptnZeppos is responsible for processing the personal data that it obtains from the Passenger. The Passenger has the right to contact us at any time to ask questions regarding the processing of his/her personal data. For more information regarding the processing of personal data, CptnZeppos refers to the privacy statement on the website.

ARTICLE 7 - LAW AND COURT 7.1. Belgian law shall apply.7.2. The Courts of Antwerp have jurisdiction. If the Justice of the Peace has jurisdiction, the parties agree that the Justice of the Peace of the 5th canton in Antwerp shall be seized.