With vehicleon a freighter.

take your motorcycle, car or mobile home on board

Would you like to bring your vehicle on board the cargo ship? Passengers can bring their motorcycle, car or mobile home on board. This is possible for all routes listed below. Most trips, which you see on our website, depart from Antwerp. However, you can also embark from another (intermediate) port. Contact Joris if you have questions about this.

FROM 2022: Antwerp - Finland / Your Ideal Starter Tour

Ref. ZEPPOS-0060 - Round trip approx. 8 days

FROM 2022: Ghent or Zeebrugge - Sweden or Norway

Ref. ZEPPOS-0160 - Single trip approx. 32 hours

FROM 2022: Zeebrugge - Bilbao - Zeebrugge - Antwerp

Ref. ZEPPOS-0180 -
One way Zeebrugge - Bilbao approx. 4 days
One way Antwerp - Bilbao approx. 6 days

FROM 2022: Zeebrugge/Antwerp - Helsinki

Ref. ZEPPOS-0200 -
Zeebrugge - Helsinki approx. 6 days
Antwerp - Helsinki approx. 5 days
Helsinki - Antwerp approx. 5 days
Helsinki - Zeebrugge approx. 8 days