The idealstarters trips

We offer three ideal starter trips, two from Belgium and one from the Netherlands

Why is this starter trip so popular?

Most trips, which you see on our website, depart from Antwerp. However, you can also embark from another (intermediate) port. Contact Joris if you have any questions about this. Read below why these starters trips from Antwerp are so popular.

Antwerp - Finland / Your Ideal Starter Tour

Ref. ZEPPOS-0060 - Round trip approx. 8 days

Terneuzen - Finland / Your Ideal Starter Tour

Ref. ZEPPOS-0025 - Round trip approx. 14 days

Why is the starters trip from Antwerp so popular?

1. A taste of travel

A round trip of 8 days from Antwerp or 14 days from Amsterdam is ideal for a first experience aboard a cargo ship.

2. Free parking

You can park your car free of charge at the Terminal for the duration of your journey.

3. Weekly

Weekly departure on Friday evening, 8 days later, on Saturday morning the ship moors back at exactly the same place.

4. Extras

You do not need to book hotels or planes.

5. Cabin

There is room for 8 passengers in 4 cabins.

6. Meal

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared for you by the Chef, you will eat together with the other passengers.

7. Discover

The bridge is almost always accessible for you as a passenger, you have the best visibility and can closely follow how a cargo ship is steered and navigated, also a visit to the engine room is possible.

8. Port visit

Possible ports of call: Hanko - Rauma, which you can visit during unloading/loading. Within walking distance.

9. Ship

These ships are very well maintained, squatted and the crew is friendly and helpful.

10. Bike

Bicycles can be taken on board free of charge

11. Stable

The ship has stabilizers.