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Here you will find podcasts made by Ward Hulselmans, ex-journalist and scriptwriter, about his experience as a passenger. In the first podcast he talks about his journey on board a cargo ship to Ireland. In the next podcast he takes the listener aboard the ship to Istanbul.

Ward Hulselmans was a professional journalist for 17 years before he started writing TV series in 1989. He is the inventor and writer of the series Niet voor Publicatie, Heterdaad, Stille Waters, Witse, Salamander and also wrote two films. He stopped writing in front of the screen in 2019 to only make diary entries. Hulselmans has been living in Wallonia for ten years and has been navigating rivers and canals in France for years. He has a love-hate relationship with both his Flanders and Wallonia.

In May he was the first passenger to make a voyage with a freighter via the Antwerp startup Cptn Zeppos: to Ireland and back. Next time he wants to take a freighter across the ocean, preferably to Jamaïca. The acquaintance with Joris Van Bree, the founder of Cptn Zeppos, was one of the reasons to stop scriptwriting. Hulselmans has had an eventful life behind him, but calls himself a lucky man because he has followed his heart and not his mind at decisive moments in his life.
This is his diary, which begins in April 2019 with the decision to stop writing in front of the screen.


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