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Ward Hulselmans writes about his experience as a passenger aboard a cargo ship from Antwerp to Ireland and from Antwerp to Istanbul. This is the transcribed text of the podcast about his journey. He shares diary-wise his experiences on board. Ward was a professional journalist for 17 years before he started writing TV series in 1989. Among other things, he is the creator and writer of the series Not for Publication, Heterdaad, Stille Waters, Witse, Salamander and also wrote two films. He stopped writing for the screen in 2019 to write only diary entries.

According to Nikki and Pol, traveling is not so much about reaching a destination, but about being on the road: "When you reach your destination after a (long) journey, disillusionment almost inevitably follows, because your journey... has come to an end." What attracted them to CptnZeppos is the concept of being on the road, which is so much more important than arriving. Niki and Pol like ways to explore 'traveling' more: "Joris, Captain of Zeppos, offered us a unique variation. Our advice? Simply: do it!"

Joke and Filip traveled with their car from Zeebrugge to Bilbao and back, aboard the Finneco freighters. A nice bonus was that they could start their second adventure well rested: "We send Joris a message that we are well off and he promptly confirms. At sea, there is a 2.5m seaway, winds blowing from NW at 5 Beaufort and regular fierce outside. A somewhat unusual rainbow colors the sky. After an hour, the harbor and the numerous anchored ships are a faint line on the horizon. The contours of the green and mountainous Basque and Cantabrian landscape are barely discernible due to the limited visibility. For the past two weeks, we have explored the coast and hiked quite a bit, including in the unique Picos de Europa from the mountain village of Sotres."


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