Ward was a professional journalist and scriptwriter, and is known for his success series Niet voor publicatie, Heterdaad, Stille Waters, Witse and Salamander. For the first time he boarded a freighter to Ireland, then sailed as far as Istanbul.

After his first voyage aboard a cargo ship Ward Hulselmans wrote:
"I lean on the railing and slowly get the feeling of total freedom..."

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"A voyage on a cargo ship gives you something unique".

- The Highflyer

"These are the three pillars on board a cargo ship".

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"Ward Hulselmans enjoys being on the water"

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"Take a trip on a cargo ship"

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"Voyages on board a cargo vessel: relaxation 2.0"


"Full steam ahead"

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"CptnZeppos to New York by freighter."

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"On vacation? Take the freighter"

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"The peace and quiet on the ocean got to me the most

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"CptnZeppos: travels aboard cargo ships"

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"Rest, relaxation and social media detox at sea."

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"Cptn Zeppos may transport his first customer."

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"A vacation aboard a cargo ship."

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