Antwerp - Tilbury - Zeebrugge- Bilbao

Ref. ZEPPOS-0180 This trip is offered as a round trip, outward or return trip.


Antwerp, BelgiumDay 2 - Tilbury, UKDay 4 - Zeebrugge, BelgiumDay 6 - Bilbao, SpainDay 9 - Zeebrugge, BelgiumDay 10 - Antwerp, Belgium

Travel info

Travelling on board of a cargo ship is also possible with CptnZeppos from Antwerp or Zeebrugge to Bilbao.Ideal if you want to plan a safe trip with motorcycle, car or camper and want to spend part of your trip at sea. Reservations are accepted up to 4 weeks before departure.

The shipping company reserves the right to make an exceptionally large change to the ship's sailing schedule. If this situation arises, the booking will be transferred to another ship or another sailing. Claims of any kind will be rejected.

All-in price includes:

  • Comfortable double sleeping cabin with shower, toilet and fitted with bed and bath linen
  • Meals and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • There is no WI-FI on board
 Passenger - one way Antwerp or Zeebrugge - Bilbaoor Passenger - one way Bilbao - Zeebrugge or AntwerpAdult 375,00 €(the same fares will be charged for the outward or return journey)
  • Passengers with a length of less than 140 cm cannot be accepted for security reasons.
  • Passengers can only book accompanied by a motorbike, car, motorhome, mobile home on board.
This is because there is no shuttle service available to take passengers from the terminal entrance to the ship in both the port of departure and the port or arrival.
  • Animals are not allowed on board.
 Vehicle - one way Antwerp or Zeebrugge - Bilbaoor Vehicle - one way Bilbao - Zeebrugge or AntwerpMotor/Moped 250,00 €Car, motorhome, mobilehome max. 6m long 350,00 €(the same fares will be charged for the outward or return journey)

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