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the travel story of pol and nikki
CptnZeppos passengers

Here you will find the blog written by Nikki (b. 1953) and Pol (b. 1947), CptnZeppos travelers.

Nikki and Pol: "Traveling, we have felt for a long time, is not so much about reaching a destination, but about being on the road. When you reach your destination after a (long) journey, disillusionment almost inevitably follows, because your journey... has come to an end. That appealed to us from the first moment in the concept of CptnZeppos: being on the road is so much more important than arriving. And so we embarked."

Pol, Nikki, Arnout and Joris from CptnZeppos in front of the ship Timca going from Antwerp, Belgium to Finland and back

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 1 / July 15, 2022

"We don't really get an idea of the size of the ship until we get to drag our luggage up there."

on board TIMCA cargo ship with Pol, Arnout and Gisela with captain Paul van der Varst (wearing blue polo shirt)

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 2 / July 16, 2022

"The cabins we stay in as passengers are actually intended for 'drivers,' traveling truck drivers."

Cooks Auke (left) and Jim in their galley aboard the ship Timca to Finland

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 3 / July 17, 2022

"On the bridge, Captain Paul and First Mate Joris are always happy to explain. For a highlight, the 60-year-old cook Auke..."

Beautiful old villa in Hanko, Finland

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 4 / July 18, 2022

"Even in this small port, it's lollygagging when you cycle through it. Because the huge 'reachstackers' or 'container grabbers' expect...

Historic center of Rauma in Finland, photo of row houses

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 5 / July 19, 2022

"Driving back into the port area is proceeding with a bit of difficulty. Because we drove out secretly, we don't have a code to enter the gate...

Timca ship in Hanko with cyclist Pol at the port

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 6 / July 20, 2022

"Good thing we brought our own bikes. Even in a small port like Hanko, it's a long walk before you even leave the port area....

Pol takes a siesta on the spacious deck behind the bridge of the cargo ship Timca to Finland

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 7 / July 21, 2022

"We watch a few of the Filipino sailors who are busy painting, take advantage of the brief moment when the Internet is working, read a little,...

Engine room on cargo ship Timca between Belgium and Finland

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 8 / July 22, 2022

"We descend deeper into the Timca than we ever have before, put on earmuffs and follow Bas into the infernal throbbing heart of the...

Bicycles attached to camper with view of Timca ship at the port of Antwerp

Blog Antwerp-Finland / DAY 9 / July 23, 2022

"For a week you dwell in a world that you (like us) don't know at all, you learn new things every day and you see many things - sometimes...


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