- The idea of having Ward Hulselmans' diary excerpts of his journeys aboard the cargo ships Elbfeeder and MSC Alessia recorded by Ward himself was born when I listened to his Radio 2 interview for the umpteenth time.

What a beautiful voice! We decided that this was the best way to let his diary phrases appeal to the imagination and bring them to life.

We are very grateful to Ward Hulselmans for joining us in our plan to record his diary excerpts, to Kobe Van Reppelen for his professional assistance during the shootings and to Peter Van times for his hospitality.

- Who is Ward Hulselmans, by Joris Van Bree.

- Which went before.

— dag 1, donderdag 16 mei, 2019

Departure from Antwerp

— dag 2, vrijdag 17 mei, 2019

Direction Land's End

— dag 3, zaterdag 18mei, 2019

Port city Dublin

— dag 4, zondag 19 mei, 2019

Direction Cork

— dag 5, maandag 20 mei 2019

Port City of Cork

— dag 6, dinsdag 21 mei, 2019

Direction Land's End

— dag 7, woensdag 22 mei, 2019

Arrival in Antwerp

— Podcast over Ward's reis naar Istanboel,

21 November - 1 December, 2019

Antwerp - Istanbul